National Botanic Gardens

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is an established major botanical garden nestling at the eastern end of Table Mountain in Cape town. The garden is one of the nine national botanic gardens of South Africa administered and maintained by the SA National Biodiversity institute. This is the oldest National botanic garden in South Africa and was established in 1933.

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This botanical garden has been designed to help preserve the unique flora and fauna of the area. This includes a large variety of plants, birds and animals as well as a large variety of flowers. All these features contribute to the diversity of the plants that grow here. The plants are native to the area and there are some rare species as well.

The Kirstenbosch botanic garden is an excellent place for families, students and professionals to visit. The gardens can also be rented for tours or conferences. The gardens are not open all year around, so it is best to visit during the winter months.

The beautiful gardens are made up of more than a thousand plant species and many different types of flowers and trees. Each plant is hand planted by trained staff and given the proper care to make them thrive.

Most of the botanical gardens are divided into specific categories. Here you will find the National Botanic Gardens in Zulusville and Zululand, the South Africa Botanic Gardens, Nelspruit Tropical Park, Pretoria Botanic Garden and the Kruger Botanic Garden

If you like to hike or mountain bike you should visit the Kirstenbosch botanic gardens in Nelspruit. There are trails available that take you through the beautiful bush and offer views of the ocean. Botanic foto When you visit this park you will see black wildebeest trees, hyacinth trees, golden eucalyptus trees and palms as well as blue gum trees.

The Kruger Botanic Garden provides a great opportunity to see the animals and birds of the area. There are several species of birds to view from the ground including flamingo, leopard frog, gazelle and eagle owl. The animals here include a variety of mammals including giraffe, impala.

You can visit this beautiful botanical garden in Cape Town or travel to it from the sea coast, if you choose. The accommodation options are wide ranging from luxury hotels and guest houses to small apartments and bungalows. Most accommodation offers a balcony overlooking the sea. Many guests stay in the hotels because they are close to the coast and the sea.

Most accommodation in the Kirstenbosch national botanical garden in Cape Town is also close to various activities and tourist attractions. There are a number of restaurants that offer delicious local cuisine, as well as other cultural experiences such as performances by local artists and performers.

The Kirstenbosch gardens are open daily during the week. At the weekends you can enjoy fun activities such as horse riding, golf, tennis or swimming with your children.

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One of the most popular activities in the Kirstenbotanic gardens is bird watching. You will be surprised at the variety of birds that inhabit the area. Some of the birds to look out for are flamingos, nectar ferns, robins, African Grey parakeet and many others. It is also possible to see a range of other bird species such as peacock, egret and chickadees as well.

In the Kirstenbosch national botanic gardens you will also be able to explore the history of the area. You can visit the local area with a guide who can tell you about the culture and people of the local community. The parks and gardens offer an insight into the past.

You can also enjoy a walk through the bush or on a walking tour in the forest to explore the surrounding natural environment. The bush walk in the Kirstenbosch national botanical garden is also popular with families. The park has a large bird park that visitors love to experience.